Repositioning/Restructuring Services

Your investment reality is changing.
In today’s changing environment, the only certainty is that original expectations no longer apply—and new ones must be formed. With capital at a standstill and most property fundamentals deteriorating, all assets must be reevaluated for realistic economic performance, market position and value.

In the recent past, the primary component in underwriting criteria for value creation of an asset was the increasingly positive market conditions. With those days behind us, it is imperative that the capital structure and business plan for each asset be restructured in a manner that best meets the needs of a property.

Shift your strategies.
While macro factors are important, a property’s performance ultimately depends on specific sub-market dynamics within which the asset must compete and operate. Having a professional team that has experienced several real estate cycles, Verity can craft solutions for your challenged assets. While all parties may feel distress, not all parties will have a similar tolerance or investment horizon when dealing with asset challenges. Understanding the nuances between banks, government agencies, private equity and pension funds, Verity is able to develop property strategies specific to each client’s objectives.
Service Highlights

Highest & Best Use Analysis. This is a determination of a property’s highest and best use given changing market factors, especially for conversion-type properties where the intended market has diminished.

Hold/Sell Analysis. This service is based on a client’s investment horizon, which may include: immediate liquidation; asset repositioning either through alternative use or renovation; positioning for future sale through a stabilization and lease-up course of action; or a “stay the course” approach, facilitated through effective operations and management in an effort to maximize cash flow.

Recapitalization Analysis. This is an analysis to determine yield expectations and value implications related to additional capital requirements, or entity-based financial structure modifications. Ultimately, this research determines if an additional capital investment can maximize value.