Receivership Services/Litigation Support

Conflict control.
Conflicts between debt and equity participants are inevitable. Unfortunately, while you’re busy resolving issues, the chance of an asset deteriorating both physically and financially increases significantly—further challenging the opportunity for a positive outcome for all parties involved. That’s why controlling the strategic direction and operations of an asset during resolution is crucial to maximizing its value.

Asset protection—maximized.
The qualified team at Verity is experienced in asset management and the operating needs of commercial and residential properties. We bring the skills necessary to act as a receiver, ensuring that assets are not merely guided by a “caretaker,” but managed by an organization of people who understand how to make critical decisions and operate properties with the goal of maintaining, protecting and maximizing values. Verity also uses the same comprehensive expertise to provide strategic guidance and support to legal and accounting entities working with a troubled real estate entity, borrower or lender.
Service Highlights

Receivership. We will help you take possession of and secure assets; evaluate key risk areas related to insurance and physical life safety concerns; engage property managers, leasing entities or contractors; create operating or construction completion budgets; install procedural controls and protocols for reporting, collection of funds, expense disbursements and related activities; and coordinate or direct the sale of assets in a manner to optimize sales proceeds in conjunction with the courts.

Litigation Support. We will work with legal counsel to prepare a comprehensive business plan or opinion of value specific to each asset; create economic models in support of proposed workout alternatives or solutions; and act as intermediary between parties involved in asset-related disputes or strategic objective differences.