Asset Management Services

Valuable perspective in complicated times.
Real estate dynamics today are more complex and unpredictable than any other time in recent history. Because few lenders or investment groups have a clear exit or recapitalization plan, the strategic role of asset management-related services has never been more important.

The seasoned professionals at Verity not only understand this, but also have experience dealing with the down side of a cycle. Whether you are a debt participant seeking to restructure a loan, a lender becoming an involuntary owner, or an equity investor seeking to preserve your investment, Verity can customize and direct a specific asset plan that brings an owner’s perspective and unbiased approach to the problem at hand.

Details matter.
Verity’s asset management solutions can be tailored to the specific objectives of each client. Not all asset values can be salvaged, but impairments and value degradation can be mitigated if an asset is managed effectively. Verity’s expertise in developing and implementing a customized business plan can significantly improve an asset’s performance in order to achieve an owner’s objective.
Service Highlights

Business Plan. The development and execution of a comprehensive business plan specific to each asset includes evaluating a property’s current economic and market position; reviewing deferred maintenance and future capital projections; and making exit recommendations, with periodic reviews based on changing market conditions.

Ongoing Operation of Asset. Services include bidding and awarding of property management and leasing contracts; risk management analysis, creation and execution of marketing plans; lease analysis and negotiation; preparation of operating budgets; and property-level reporting.

Asset Disposition. This includes solicitation and retention of disposition broker; management of sales and marketing activities; negotiation of sale agreements; responses to due diligence inquiries; and assistance in transfer upon closing.